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2011 Plastic women In

2011 kurdish people started to protest against kurdish governments, about 2 months in one of the most central and cultural location in Sulaimniyah, in the hope of reforming and changing the construction of political environment. During these days I was attending the place some times to participate. Once I found that there were a massive number of men, in contrary and separately women represented their manifestos against the government’s rules, I was angry about it, particularly women's figure was quite limited among the protestors. Nevertheless, there were some active women and individual capabilities who spoken very loudly on the stage, but most of them felt terrified and scare to participate beside the men in the same location together. Might the reason was the traditional and religious, might be social environment, or they were afraid to be touched by men during the process. With the help of some gentlemen I brought 5 plastic women and made them walking among a mass of men, who cheered up and welcomed the power of the women. The action lasted from 5 to 10 minutes.