I am from Kurdistan

Frustration due to describing my country's location, No need to describe always where we are come from. This idea is obviously a reaction to people who might not have any idea about Kurdistan. Although it is quite simple to find out where it is and read about the historical, political and cultural facts and news of conflicts in the media, still there are many people who don’t even know where it is located geographically. The purpose of this video is not only to make people aware of that place as information leaflet, but it is also again an annoying response to the question of where I come from. What is important to me is what I feel about this conversation that always takes place between foreign people and me. This is not because they are just a younger generation. Even with older generations I have faced the same problem. For me I can repeat that conversation over and over again, but it might produce so many new questions that impact cultural and political and geographical issues.