Rozhgar Mahmood Mustafa


A Kurdish artist who lives in Sulaimani where she graduated from the university of fine arts in 2004, she teaches art in secondary school. She works with different media including painting, drawing, installation, video and public live action. She mainly deals with questions of temporality and transformations, gender identity, memory, trauma and fear. In 2009 she was artist-in- residence at the Wyspa Art Institute on a grant from the Gdansk Exclusive programme, where she also held a solo exhibition. Currently she is study Master in fine art at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, 2012-2013.



2004       BA, Painting Department Degree - University of Sulaimani, College of Arts, Kurdistan, Iraq
2000       Diploma, Painting Department Degree - Sulaimani, Insititue of Fine arts. Kurdistan, Iraq


 Solo Exhibition

2009    The New Works, WYSPA Institute of Contemporary Art, Gdansk, Poland


 Group Exhibition

2013     Hi Gentleman, In Two Parts Interim Show, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. UK
2013     T Show, The Morgue, Chelsea College of Arts and Design, London, UK
2013     Project room DLG13, Chelsea College, UAL, London, UK
2012     Plaster connection, London Project. UAL, Camberwell college of Arts, London, UK
2011     The Dressing Table, Sulaimani, Iraq
2010    Estrangement Exhibition, Showroom, London, UK
2010     Contemporary Art Iraq, CORNERHOUS, Manchester, UK
2010     Dado Exhibition, Transform Project, Sulaimani, Iraq
2009     Kurdish Color, Education Color, Sulaimani Museum, Iraq
2009     Junge zeitgenössische Malerei aus Kurdistan, Austria
2008     A to B, Sound Project, Los Angeles, USA
2008     Plaster and Drawing, Women’s International Day, Tawar Gallery, Sulaimani, Iraq
2008     City Project, Sulaimani, Iraq
2007     Flu Exhibition, Aram Gallery, Sulaimani, Iraq
2007     Sermedy Project (Sqkm0720, 4373), National Museum Gallery, Sulaimnai, Iraq
2006     International Women’s Day, Sulaimani Museum Gallery, Iraq
2005     2005 Project, National Museum Gallery, Sulaimani, Iraq
2004     Rozhgar Mahmood& Shirwan Fatih, Aram Gallery, Sulaimani, Iraq
2004     61.5x 58 x 47.7, Art Art Laboratory Projects, Aram Gallery, Sulaimani, Iraq
2003     Women’s Life an Artist View, The Organization of Balnda Baran, France, Sweden

  Events And Activates

2011     Plastic Women, Sulaimani, Iraq
2011, Group Presentation, London, UK
2010     Public Space and Women, Collaboration Public Event, Sulaimani, Iraq
2009     Talk, Metro graph Office, Sulaimani, Iraq
2009     Artworks Presentation, Academy Of Art, Gdansk, Poland
2009     Artists in Residence, WYSPA Institute of Art, Gdansk, Poland  
2007     Leipzig Academy of Art, Invitation to Art Program, Leipzig, Germany